CHITUBOX Basic Previous Versions
  • Version 1.8.1
    — Feb 5,2021Update Details >>
    • Notice: If you were previously using V1.8.0, you should export your configuration file on that version, and then import it on this one. Otherwise, your configuration file may be missing. If you upgraded from another version, you can ignore this message.
    • Machine adjustments
      Added the QIDI 6.08 mono machine
      Updated the QIDI i-box mono machine parameters
      Removed the QIDI Shadow5.5 machine
      Updated the ELGOO Saturn machine parameters
      Updated the Peopoly Phenom machine parameters
      Updated the Peopoly Phenom L machine parameters
      Updated the Peopoly Phenom Noir machine parameters
      Updated the Peopoly Phenom XXL machine parameters
      Updated the AnyCubic Photon-S machine parameters
    • Feature improvements
      Reduced the physical memory usage of the software
      Optimized the bottom tolerance compensation so it now covers the transition layers
      Optimized the island detection feature so now every time it runs on the current state instead of the original one of your model
      Adjusted the profile saving mechanism
      Adjusted the usage logic of the 3D view cube
      Added an option to turn on/off the animation for the hollow process
      Changed the rotation base angle from 90 degrees to 45 degrees
      Made File List extendable
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed a bug that triggered software crash when auto save is running
      Fixed a bug that caused a support to disappear when moving it
      Fixed a bug with the scale to fit feature
      Fixed a problem that when a model is right at the size of the platform, an exceeding border message will show up when slicing it
      Fixed the bug that a support could disappear in the support editing mode when clicking its connection sphere multiple times
      Fixed the bug that caused excessive parts to be added to a model after it was sliced
      Fixed a bug that caused the model to disappear when doing a multiple times speed preview of its cross sections
      Fixed a bug that caused the support structures to go below the platform
      Fixed a bug that the software might crash caused by saving the project file (Ctrl + S) when manually editing supports
      Fixed the problem that there was no saving format when saving sliced files for the AnyCubic Photon printer
    • Others
  • Version 1.7.0
    — Sept 30,2020Update Details >>
    • Added to the machine list
      CREALITY LD-006
      EPAX E6 mono
      EPAX E10 89mono
      EPAX X1K 2Kmono
      EPAX X10 89mono
      Longer 3D Orange4K
      Phrozen Shuffle 16
      Phrozen Sonic 4K
      Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K
      Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K
      Voxelab Proxima
    • Added the function of copying the top support (double-click to copy)
    • Added shortcut keys for switching support types (CTRL+1: thin support, CTRL+2: medium support, CTRL+3: heavy support)
    • Fixed the bug that the bottom support between models cannot be edited
    • Fixed some bugs that caused no linkage of support
    • Fixed the bug that caused the software to crash by changing the machine slice settings
    • Fixed the bug that changing the shape of the middle support is invalid
    • Fixed the bug that editing the top support shape is invalid
    • Supported macOS Big Sur operating system
    • The Mac system adds the option of automatically placing the selected model in the perspective center in the support mode
    • Fixed the bug that changing the pillar shape was invalid
    • Fix the bug that the model bar is blocked when the window is zoomed out under the slice preview
    • Added title display for translation, rotation, zoom, and mirror model functions
    • Optimized the coordinate axis display
    • Fixed the bug that the secondary menu under the drop-down menu can only take effect by clicking the font
    • Fixed the bug that the supporting auxiliary line is still displayed when the support type is switched when the support auxiliary line is closed
    • Fixed the bug that the contact depth displayed incorrectly when editing the top support in the project file
    • Fixed the bug that supports cloning when moving supports
    • Fixed the bug that some project file editing support would crash
    • Optimized the saving speed of slice files
    • Others
  • Version
    — July 22,2020 Update Details >>
    • Added in the machine list
      QIDI S-box
    • Added the function of correcting translation
    • Added the function of hiding bottom support and bottom raft
    • Added the optional function that the selected model will be automatically placed in the center of the perspective in support mode
    • The cross width parameter has been added. When you manually add support, if there is support in a certain range around, then the fork will be carried out without directly falling on the platform
    • Optimize the range of support movement
    • Fixed the bug of disabling or opening thumbnail preview
    • Fixed the bug that cannot double-click to open the file
    • Fixed the bug of supporting through the model after digging a hole
    • Fixed the bug that the connection point disappears when the diameter of multiple auxiliary central supports is modified
    • Fixed the bug that the support cannot be linked
    • Fixed the bug that the support ball disappeared in linux system
    • Fixed the bug that multiple windows cannot be dragged
    • Other
  • Version 1.6.5
    — July 11,2020 Update Details >>
    • Added in the machine list
      CREALITY LD-002H
      Voxelab Polaris
      Phrozen Shuffle XL Lite
    • Added translations in Egyptian, Finnish, Hungarian, and Polish
    • Added auto save function
    • Added model repair function
    • Added the list of shortcuts
    • Added grayscale level and image blur function
    • Added the transition layer function for ELEGOO SATURN
    • Added the function of hiding support from the angle of elevation
    • Added the function of adding support for selected areas
    • Added the ability to invert normal
    • Added the function of support auxiliary line
    • Allow users to customize the preview view for sliced files
    • Modified default parameters for ELEGOO SATURN
    • Optimized the hollow function
    • Optimized the "dig hole" function
    • Optimized the support algorithm and structure
    • Optimized the structure of the contact point between the support bottom and the part;
    • Optimized default parameters for contact points of support bottom
    • Fixed the bug when clicking "scaled to the fit size"
    • Fixed the bug that saving project without prompt after modifying project file
    • Fixed the bug that the part disappeared after adding support and clicking "scale to fit"
    • Fixed the bug that support could not be located on the needed location when being added manually
    • Fixed software crash caused by editing support structures of project file with multiple models
    • Fixed software crash caused by sometimes adding and editing support structures
    • Others
  • Version 1.6.3
    — January 17,2020 Update Details >>
    • Added support for 3Dconnexion on Windows platforms
    • Added redo and undo functions in support mode: Undo (Ctrl + Z), Redo (Ctrl + Y)
    • Added shortcut keys for switching support mode: add (A), delete (D), edit (E)
    • Fixed the bug of volume calculation error in the previous version
    • Improved screen support for different resolutions
    • Improved the cancellation function in the process of hollowing and dig hole
    • Improved redo and undo functions for hollowing and dig hole
    • Other
  • Version 1.6.2
    — January 12,2020 Update Details >>
    • Added in the machine list
      CREALITY LD-002R
      Phrozen Shuffle Lite
      Phrozen Shuffle 4K
      Phrozen Sonic
      Phrozen Transform
    • Added compatibility for 2K, 4K screen display
    • Added setting for offset of build area
    • Added separate export and reset function of resin parameters
    • Added Spanish manual
    • Optimized the function of editing support
    • Fixed compatibility with Intel (R) HD Graphics 3000 graphics cards
    • Fixed German translation
    • Fixed the bug that some graphics cards introduced in the previous version cannot display the model
    • Fixed the bug that data will be wrong after importing anti-aliasing cbddlp format
    • Fixed the bug that printing is still solid after hollowing out in svgx format
    • Fixed the bug that the plugin cannot be used to export files normally after double-clicking stl to open the software
    • Other
  • Version 1.6.1
    — November 28,2019 Update Details >>
    • Added ctb,phz,svgx slice file format
    • Add the following machine to the machine list:
      ELEGOO Mars Pro
      Flashforge Explorer Max
      Longer3D Orange10
      Longer3D Orange30
      Phrozen Shuffle 4K
      Phrozen Sonic Mini
      QIDI Shadow5.5
      QIDI Shadow5.5s
      Zortrax Inkspire
    • Added recommended resin profile for the machine
    • Added indicator color for model and platform contact surfaces
    • Added a pop-up window when the imported model is too small
    • Added the time display function of editing support
    • Added XYZ coordinate indication map
    • Added small pillar support menu option
    • Added the underlying preview function of the slice layer
    • Added confirmation pop-up to remove all supports
    • Added partial repair function
    • Optimized the definition of support density
    • Optimized the compatibility of drag bar fonts
    • Optimized API definitions for plugins
    • Fixed a bug where the slice layer was broken in some cases
    • Fixed a bug where manual support could not be added in some cases
    • Fixed a bug where the model displayed abnormally when zooming in on the window
    • Fixed a bug where the progress bar close button was occluded in the case of a small window
    • Fixed partial translation in Italian
    • Bold the rotating and dragging sliders
    • Cancellation of the restriction of the mutual conduction slice parameter between different printers
    • Others
  • Version 1.5.0
    — July 13,2019
    • Added option to export support parameters separately and select list of slice profiles.
    • Added hole depth options.
    • Added the option of exporting global configuration.
    • Added prompt pop-up when generating automatic support and closing software.
    • Added Japanese translation.
    • Added Spanish user manual.
    • Optimized compatibility of format plugins.
    • Open the speed and distance parameter options of Anycubic Photon.
    • Optimized default parameters for support and slicing.
    • Fixed a bug where the factory setting does not take effect.
    • Fixed a bug where the support structure was missing when exporting SLC slice files.
    • Fixed a bug in SparkMaker FHD anti-aliasing that has been turned on.
    • Fixed a bug where the cursor was misaligned when rotating the model in the case of multiple models.
    • Fixed a bug where the support structure was misaligned when the model was rotated under certain conditions.
    • Fixed a bug where the model was not in contact with the support in some cases.
    • Fixed a bug where the font was missing when the software was opened.
    • Add Thanks.txt to the installation directory.
    • Others.
  • Version 1.4.0
    — April 20,2019
    • Add WanHao GR 1, Photon-s printers to the printer list.
    • Open network sending function for public testing (only partial printers are supported for the time being).
    • Added options for the software user manual.
    • Added plug-in function for slice format, which is convenient for users to support the required slice format.
    • Fixed a bug where the support structure exceeded the bottom of the platform.
    • Fixed a bug where language and configuration files were lost in some cases.
    • Fixed bug with volume estimation error.
    • Optimized partial algorithms for manual and automatic support.
    • Optimized the algorithm for adding support to the plane edge.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the hole to be misplaced due to the Z-direction position of the model.
    • Fixed a bug that failed to punch holes after adding support, and optimized the details of hole punching.
    • Fixed a bug where the slice file save path was incorrect in some cases.
    • Fixed a bug where the configuration file could not be exported in some cases.
    • Record screen F1, cancel recording screen F2, screen capture F3 These three shortcut keys are redefined as CTRL+F1, CTRL+F2, CTRL+F3.
    • Slice file button "Export" is changed to "Save".
    • Corrected partial translations in Italian and Spanish.
    • Fixed a bug where the recording time setting did not take effect.
    • Fixed the effect of modifying some supporting parameters on support density.
    • Fixed bug where software was stuck due to switching software language.
    • Fixed a bug where sliced pictures were misplaced in some cases.
    • Added model batch hollow function.
    • Added options for the number of support connect point.
    • Other.
  • Version 1.3.0
    — January 19,2019
    • Support German, French, Russian, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Greek.
    • Remove all login restrictions.
    • Improving the function of automatic layout.
    • When editing support, it is made into magnetic suction after moving, allowing sole addition of raft and display when supporting edit.
    • Support can be added to a single model or to all models at the same time.
    • Fixed bugs that could not be added when Z was raised to zero.
    • Fixed bugs where importing new parts or copying current files would disrupt the automatically laid-out model.
    • Repaired the problem that the support is not vertical under the horizontal bottom.
    • Fixed the format compatibility problem of Sparkmaker.
    • Fixed bugs that support Preview.
    • Fixed bugs that could not be added freely in manual support mode.
    • Add shortcuts, Ctrl + left keys to increase support, Ctrl + right keys to delete support.
    • Add shortcuts, F1 recording, F2 stopping, F3 screenshots.
    • The hollowing function was improved to make the inner wall of the model smooth. Adding relevant tips for drilling holes.
    • Modify the default slicing parameters and support parameters.
    • After adding the support, click on the mirror and the support will be removed.
    • Fixed the bug that the normal vector would reverse after the model mirror operation was saved and imported.
    • Fixed bugs where slicing parameters could not work in some cases.
    • Fixed the definition of light-off delay, as in off-time of DLP Slice.
    • Fixed bugs that caused software crash by saving project files when the model went beyond the print area.
    • Fixed bugs in some units.
    • Fixed bug of slicing accuracy decline in Linux version.
    • Increase the angle setting of middle support.
    • other
  • Version 1.2.0
    — November 24,2018
    • Cancel the restriction that you must login to use the software, allowing users to use the software offline, allowing users to choose whether to collect usage information
    • Fixed a bug that didn't show the model
    • Significantly reduced the file size of the ZIP file
    • Fixed an issue with incomplete language display
    • Fixed a bug where entering a non-integer in the spin menu caused the software to crash
    • Added folder path for history files
    • Improve the save path of files under Mac system
    • Changed the functional definition of the replication model from copying the original model to copying the current state model
    • Improved the default size of raft
    • Fixed progress bar language display issue with gif file generation
    • Fixed the problem that the bottom of the support passed through the platform
    • Added model fill function
    • Fixed a bug where the hole punching function failed in some cases
    • Added orthogonal and perspective viewing switching
    • Improved the effect of support density calculation
    • Improved compatibility of interface display in low resolution screen
    • Fixed a bug that caused software to crash when support was added in some cases
    • Improved details of the hollow
    • Fast rotation angle changed to 15°
    • Fixed a bug where the support was not at the bottom of the platform when the height of the model changed
    • The linux version supports ubuntu desktop 16.04 and ubuntu desktop 18.04
    • Fixed a bug where the file name could not be opened with a comma
    • Improved undo and redo functions
    • Fixed a bug where the preview information was incorrect when opening the cbddlp file
    • Project documentation adds location information
    • Added perspective for the bottom of the support
  • Version 1.1.0
    — November 8,2018
    • Supported Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
    • Added batch import model function
    • Supported cbddlp /photon /zip / SLC slice format, added.CHITUBOX project format, OBJ model format
    • Added Ctrl + left mouse button to slowly move the view function
    • Added spherical support and more support settings
    • Added the function of adding support on the support, allowing setting the support cross starting height
    • Solved the error of model and support crossover
    • Switch to support mode, allowing custom model Z lift height
    • Solved the problem that the edge angle of the bottom skate is too small
    • Added bottom valve parameter options
    • Added the secondary editing function of the slice file
    • Added the function of generating 3D model files in reverse by slice files
    • Added functions such as undo, forward, screenshot and video recording
    • Added automatic typesetting of models, placement of models by face, model mirroring, etc.
    • Added a variety of slicing parameters, opening speed, distance, anti-aliasing and other parameter settings
    • Added hollowing and hole punching function