CHITUBOX Basic Previous Versions
  • Version 2.0.0
    — Mar 5, 2024 Update Details >>

    V 2.0.0

    1.New functions

     (1) Added dark and light theme UI modes

     (2) The display effect of the model can be switched between detail mode and light and shadow mode

     (3) Added the function of directly using Resin Material Alliance configuration files on the software side, and the ability to customize uploading and downloading printing configuration files

     (4) Added the function of directly downloading and using standard parts

     (5) Added a *.ctp type project file, where a single new project file can store model files with a larger amount of data

     (6) Added *.cfgx type parameter configuration file for better compatibility with software usage

     (7) Anycubic brand-related slice files do not require plugin mode export, saving slice files has multiple efficiency improvements

     (8) *.qdx slice file does not require plugin mode export

     (9) Added import and export of *. 3mf model file format

     (10) Added model cavity detection function

     (11) Added model collision detection function

     (12) Added the function of replacing models

     (13) Added more functional shortcut key implementations and customizable shortcut keys

     (14) The model rotation window has added the function of automatic model orientation

     (15) The model scaling window has added the function of scaling models with support

     (16) The model scaling window has added the function of switching between model coordinates and world coordinates

     (17) Added the function of batch copying models

     (18) New model selection method with box selection mode added

     (19) Added model display/hide switching function

     (20) Added cross-bottom valve mode to support the bottom valve structure

     (21) Added support parameter visualization editing window

     (22) Added airborne detection function

     (23) Added the function of manually adding direct support

     (24) Added the function of displaying support structures in point display mode

     (25) Slice file loading has added the function of non-generating reverse model mode

     (26) Added the display of the printing model simulation platform and the ability to customize whether the model is displayed on the software interface

     (27) Added printing assistance prompt bar function, and can customize display or hide status in the settings window

     (28) Added configuration naming patterns for models, project files, and slice files

    2.Function optimization

     (1) Automatic layout expands the options for layout all and layout all

     (2) Optimized the automatic repair algorithm, which can better complete the fast repair of the model

     (3) Optimized undo/redo algorithm with more comprehensive undo/redo functionality

     (4) Optimized the automatic support density calculation mode, using the support point spacing mode to set the density parameters of adjacent supports

     (5) Optimized the function of adding support to the bounding box selection, allowing for direct addition of support to the corresponding bounding box selection area at once

     (6) Optimized the display and switching functions of island detection

     (7) Optimized printer selection window function

     (8) Optimized the display effect of software prompt information

    3.Machine adjustment

     (1) A series of new printers have been added, and the function of dynamically updating printers and printing parameters on the software side has been implemented

    4.Bug repair

     (1) Fixed a series of historical legacy bugs


  • Version 1.9.5
    — Jun 8, 2023 Update Details >>

    1. Machine adjustment
    (1) Added Anycubic Photon Mono 2 machine
    (2) Added Photon Mono X6Ks machine
    (3) Added Anycubic Photon Mono M5 machine
    (4) Added Anycubic Photon Mono M5s machine
    (5) Added CREALITY HALOT-MAGE machine
    (6) Added CREALITY HALOT-MAGE PRO machine
    (7) Added ELEGOO SATURN 3 machine
    (8) Added ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra machine
    (9) Added ELEGOO MARS 4 machine
    (10) Added ELEGOO Mars 4 Ultra machine
    (11)Added ELEGOO MARS 4 MAX machine
    (12)Added NOVA3D Whale2 Pro machine
    (13) Added LYNcast-LY-01 machine
    (14) Added Phrozen Sonic mini 8ks machine
    2. New functions
    (1) Added the function of scaling compensation
    (2) Anti aliasing image blur pixel extension with 5-8 setting items
    (3) Some printers have added the function of fast network sending
    3. Function optimization
    (1) Optimized the saving speed of high-resolution slice files
    (2) Optimized the issue of excessive memory usage when saving slice files
    4. Bug repair
    (1) Fixed the bug that caused software crash when canceling the import of slicing files
    (2) Fixed the bug where memory was not released when saving slice files multiple times
    5. Others

  • Version 1.9.4
    — Aug 30, 2022 Update Details >>

    1. Machine adjustment
    (1) Added the ELEGOO SATURN 8K machine
    (2) Added the AnyCubic Photon D2 machine
    (3) Added the HALOT-RAY machine
    (4) Added the NOVA3D Whale3 Pro machine
    (5) Added the UniFormation GKtwo machine
    (6) The printing parameter of ELEGOO SATURN2 machine is optimized to further improve the printing stability.
    (7) Phrozen's Sonic Mega 8K, Sonic Mighty 4K, Sonic Mighty 8K, Sonic Mini 4K, Sonic Mini 8K printers have added fast printing material
    2. Bug repair
    (1) Fixed the bug that some slice details were lost in special cases
    (2) Fixed the bug that the bottom valve was lost when the slice format was svgx
    (3) Fixed the bug of model data loss in the software when the MAC system interrupts the loading process of slice files and project files
    3. Others

  • Version 1.9.3
    — May 23, 2022 Update Details >>

    1. Machine adjustment
    (1) The printing parameters of Elegoo Saturn2 and Elegoo Jupiter machines are optimized to further improve the printing stability.
     (2) Added the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K machine 
     (3) Added the Anycubic Photon Ultra machine 
     (4) Added the Anycubic Photon M3 machine 
     (5) Added the Anycubic Photon M3 Max machine 
     (6) Added the Anycubic Photon M3 Plus machine
     (7) Added the HITRY-Rocket 1 machine 
     (8) Added the HITRY-Rocket 1 Pro machine 
    2. Others

  • Version 1.9.2
    — Mar 24, 2022 Update Details >>

    1. Machine adjustments
    1) Added  the Anycubic_ Photon_ Mono_ 4K machine
    2)Added  the AnyCubic_Photon_Mono X_6K machine
    3) Added the Anycubic_ Photon_ SQ machine
    4) Added the Elegoo Mars 3 Pro machine
    5) Added the Elegoo Saturn 2 machine
    6) Added the Halot-lite machine
    7) Added the Halot-one machine
    8) Added the Halot-one plus machine
    9) Added the Halot-one Pro machine
    2. Bug repair
    1) Fixed the bug that the diameter size of small columns cannot be edited
    2) Fixed the bug of hollowing out errors in some language modes
    3) Fixed the bug that the software crashed when switching to the main interface after adding support under special circumstances
    3. Others

  • Version 1.9.1
    — Jan 18, 2022 Update Details >>

    1.Machine adjustments

    1)Added the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8k machine

    2)Added the ELEGOO JUPITER machine(TSMC print parameters are configured by default)

    5)Added the EPAX X1 4KS machine

    6)Added the EPAX DX1 Pro machine

    7)Added the EPAX DX10 Pro 5K machine

    8)Added the EPAX DX10 Pro 8K machine

    9)Added the EPAX E10 8K machine

    10)Added the EPAX X10 8K machine

    11)Added the EPAX X133-6K machine

    12)The ELEGOO Mars3 machine adapts the default parameters of TSMC

    2.performance optimization

    1)Improved the fluency of the software.

    2)Reduced the time taken to slice and save slice files of supported models

    3)Reduced the time taken to islands detection

    3.Feature improvements

    1)Optimized and upgraded the plug-in system for adding machines

    2)The print time compensation algorithm is optimized and a new print time compensation function is added

    3)Added the function of display size

    4.Bug fixes

    1)Fixed the bug that the gcode parameter is not displayed

    2)Fixed the bug that the resin price is not changed successfully

    3)Fixed the bug that the platform will block the viewcube after switching the orthogonal view

    4)Fixed the bug that the saved image will be missing when dragging the slide preview slice image during the process of saving the slice

    5)Fixed the bug of wrong machine size of EPAX X1 4K

    6)Fixed the bug that the rest time after retract does not work of Phrozen Sonic Mega 8k

    7)Fixed the bug that the modified machine parameters were reset after restarting the software

    8)Fixed the bug that the bottom slice preview is displayed in red

    9)Fixed the bug that the slice does not report an error when the height of the model exceeds the height of the printing platform

    10)Fixed bugs causing software crash in some usage scenarios



  • Version 1.9.0
    — Jul 21, 2021 Update Details >>
    1. Machine adjustments
    • Added the Flashforge Foto 6.0 machine
    • Added the Flashforge Foto 8.9 machine
    • Added a new material profile for the Longer 3D Orange4K machine
    • Changed the default slice format for the WanHao CGR MONO machine to .ctb
    • Changed the default slice format for the WanHao CGR MINI MONO machine to .ctb
    • Added the ELEGOO SATURN Smachine
    • Added the ELEGOO MARS 3machine
    • Added the EPAX X1-4Kmachine
    • Added the EPAX E10 5Kmachine
    • Added theEPAX X10 5K machine
    • Added thePeopoly Phenom Prime machine
    • Added thePhrozen_Sonic_Mega_8K machine
    1. Feature improvements
    • Added new settings of the Rest Time mode for Waiting Mode During Printing in the slice settings
    • Added a new Transition Layer Interval Time Difference setting in the slice settings
    • Added Model Scaling Axis, which is displayed when scaling a model
    • Addedthe Two-Stage Motion Control settings for some printers
    • Optimized the support preprocessing speed
    1. Bug fixes
    • Fixed the bug that when adjusting the grayscale level for multiple machines, the display UI for other machines will change
    • Fixed the bug that the software crashes when usingTolerance Compensation on some complicated models
    • Fixed the bug that an authorization error occurs when using the software
    • Fixed the bug that the size of some parts created when adding a hole for models is incorrect
    • Fixed the bug that the software may crash when hollowing and infilling a large model
    • Fixed the bug that using Tolerance Compensation may cause some layers to disappear
    • Fixed the bug that some sliced files don't have model preview
    • Fixed the bug that when cloning a model, there will be slice issues with the original model
    • Fixed the bug that the software crashes when adding heavy auto supports for some models
    • Fixed some errors you may see when slicing
    • Fixed the bug that the raft shape can't be changed
    • Fixed the incorrect display of layer count in the SLC sliced files
    • Fixed the incorrect conversion between the Light PWM percentage and number
    • Fixedthe bug that the software cannot run on Linux if some libraries are missing
    • Fixed the bug that View Cube might not be displayed properly on Linux
  • Version 1.8.1
    — Feb 5, 2021 Update Details >>
    • Notice: If you were previously using V1.8.0, you should export your configuration file on that version, and then import it on this one. Otherwise, your configuration file may be missing. If you upgraded from another version, you can ignore this message.
    • Machine adjustments
      Added the QIDI 6.08 mono machine
      Updated the QIDI i-box mono machine parameters
      Removed the QIDI Shadow5.5 machine
      Updated the ELGOO Saturn machine parameters
      Updated the Peopoly Phenom machine parameters
      Updated the Peopoly Phenom L machine parameters
      Updated the Peopoly Phenom Noir machine parameters
      Updated the Peopoly Phenom XXL machine parameters
      Updated the AnyCubic Photon-S machine parameters
    • Feature improvements
      Reduced the physical memory usage of the software
      Optimized the bottom tolerance compensation so it now covers the transition layers
      Optimized the island detection feature so now every time it runs on the current state instead of the original one of your model
      Adjusted the profile saving mechanism
      Adjusted the usage logic of the 3D view cube
      Added an option to turn on/off the animation for the hollow process
      Changed the rotation base angle from 90 degrees to 45 degrees
      Made File List extendable
    • Bug fixes
      Fixed a bug that triggered software crash when auto save is running
      Fixed a bug that caused a support to disappear when moving it
      Fixed a bug with the scale to fit feature
      Fixed a problem that when a model is right at the size of the platform, an exceeding border message will show up when slicing it
      Fixed the bug that a support could disappear in the support editing mode when clicking its connection sphere multiple times
      Fixed the bug that caused excessive parts to be added to a model after it was sliced
      Fixed a bug that caused the model to disappear when doing a multiple times speed preview of its cross sections
      Fixed a bug that caused the support structures to go below the platform
      Fixed a bug that the software might crash caused by saving the project file (Ctrl + S) when manually editing supports
      Fixed the problem that there was no saving format when saving sliced files for the AnyCubic Photon printer
    • Others
  • Version 2.1.0
    — Apr 15, 2024 Update Details >>
    V 2.1

    1. New functions

    (1) For the first time connecting to ChituManager network management software, some printers can be more conveniently managed through a local area network
    (2) Personal center - Message notification function launched, making it convenient for you to stay informed of industry and product updates in a timely manner

    2. Function optimization

    (1) Completed Hungarian language update and correction, thanks for Nepihaz's support and assistance
    (2) Adjusted the correlation level between gray scale level and image blurred pixels to avoid misuse of the parameter configuration function for image blurred pixels
    (3) Optimized the slicing speed of zip files

    3. Machine adjustment

    (1) A series of new printers have been added, among which the ELEGOO Saturn 4 Ultra is equipped with ChituManager network management software for the first time

    4. Bug repair

    (1) Fixed some bugs with printer printing issues. When the sliced file cannot be successfully printed, please contact us Feedback on the issues you have encountered
    (2) Fixed a bug where the z-axis was rotated to enter the support interface after adding support, causing the support to become disorganized
    (3) Fixed the issue of incorrect display of parameter information in some language systems

    5. Others