About Us


Our Products

CHITUBOX, a powerful 3D printing slicer, is designed to facilitate the pre-processing work for enthusiasts and professionals in LCD/SLA/DLP 3D printing. Its developer, CBD-Tech, has been a leading company specializing in hardware and software in the 3D printing industry for ten years. Its system board, Chitu System Controller, is widely used by mainstream manufacturers of 3D printers in the consumer market.


Empowered by CBD-Tech's long-term expertise in 3D printing, CHITUBOX distinguishes itself from its competitors with its broadly-recognized performance, stability and versatility. Over the last six years, more than 1.5 million users have chosen CHITUBOX for their prints in prototypes, jewellery, models, etc. We are here to make every creation easier.


Our Beliefs

We believe in the motto Profession Creates Value. So we have been exerting ourselves to provide a better solution to the 3D printing industry. Our R&D team comprises experts in software and hardware in the 3D printing industry abroad and overseas.We regard originality and self-development as our guidelines. Our pioneering engineering teams develop all key technologies and features in our products. Thanks to our perseverance in self-development, we are more open to new opportunities that make us an ongoing driver in the industry.


Our Vision

We keep a close eye on the industry's development trend and continue to upgrade our products and services. Over the past six years, CHITUBOX has made relentless efforts to render CHITUBOX Basic and CHITUBOX Pro more intelligent, powerful, and user-friendly. It is our unwavering pursuit of better products on the base of self-development that puts us in the vanguard of our field.