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CHITUBOX is a powerful but easy-to-use 3D pre-processing software produced by CBD-Tech. Established in 2013, CBD-Tech has been focusing on 3D printer controller system development to provide ChiTu Systems controller boards with high performance and stability and multifunctional CHITUBOX slicer. Whether hardware or software, we spare no effort to provide professional and stable technical 3D printing solutions based on the principle "profession creates value".


We believe in

Formed by experienced technical teams that specialize in the field of hardware and software development and testing, that has become the perfect foundation of becoming an important driving force for the development of 3D printing technology. In order to provide better user experience, we also hired a group of 3D printing experts domestically and overseas as our senior researchers and consultants. Make Every Creation Easier is our key value. CHITUBOX insists on the originality in the last 5 years. And we will pay close attention to industry dynamics and stay active in exploitation of new technologies, listening to our users and respond rapidly to those voices with the iteration. Thank you for all your support and suggestions in the last 5 years.


Keep the Front

During the past 5 years, we get to know lots of new friends connected by CHITUBOX and LCD 3D printing group. From the Free Version’s development of CHITUBOX Basic V1.0.0 to the Pro version’s release of CHITUBOX Pro V1.0.0, CBD-Tech has been focusing on upgrade users experience based on the upfront technologies and application scenarios, spare no effort to build a perfect UI and powerful 3D pre-processing software. Now CHITUBOX has more than a million subscribers globally.


Let us look forward to better CHITUBOX series.