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·We cooperate with mainstream resin brands to offer you easy access to resin information·We keep augmenting our resin library with new resins, providing a one-stop solution to different print needs·Cloud-based management center ensures access to printing profiles at any time

Plant based low odor modeling resin

Print Profile:

Plant based low odor modeling resin-Photon M3 Max-50μm-1.0.0

Exposure time:


Water Washable Resin+

Print Profile:

Water Washable Resin+HALOT-MAGE PRO-50μm-1.0.0

Exposure time:


ABS-Like Resin

Print Profile:

ABS-Like Resin-ELEGOO MARS 3-50μm-1.0.0

Exposure time:


Ultra-High Temp Resin

Print Profile:

Ultra-High Temp Resin-Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K-100μm-1.0.0

Exposure time:


Highly Transparent Tough&Stiff Resin

Print Profile:

Highly Transparent Tough&Stiff Resin-HALOT-MAGE PRO-50μm-1.0.0

Exposure time:


Easy access to model parts

You can use regular basic models in the Standard Parts section in one click


Powerful & Convenient

Suction Cup Detection

Automatically detecting enclosed cavities to avoid suction cup effect

Auto Support

You can manually edit the support touch tip distance to generate optimal supports

Slice Parameter

Intuitive setting of parameters

Network Transfer

Transferring sliced files over LAN, conveniently and elegantly.


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