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This website ("we", "our", "us", and CHITUBOX) fully understand and respect the importance of your privacy. Please do not submit personal or private data to CHITUBOX before reading, understanding and agreeing to this Privacy Statement ("this Statement"). This Statement applies to ("this Website"), and all products and services that are related to this Statement. 


This Statement describes how CHITUBOX handles your personal data, and may not address all possible data-processing scenarios. Information about data collection that is specific to CHITUBOX services is issued by CHITUBOX in supplementary policies or notices, or in notices provided when we collecting your personal data. 


This Statement is an important part of CHITUBOX Customer Agreement. Upon agreeing to CHITUBOX Customer Agreement, you accept all provisions in this Statement. If you cannot accept any of the provisions in this Statement, do not agree to CHITUBOX Customer Agreement and stop using the services. 


We created this Statement to help you understand:


1. How CHITUBOX Collects and Uses Your Personal Data


1.1 Personal Data


Personal data is information that can be used on its own or in combination with other information to identify an individual. Personal data includes but is not limited to:

a. Required personal information submitted to CHITUBOX in order to register user accounts with this Website.

b. Information obtained and recorded by CHITUBOX pertaining to the access and use of services provided by this Website, such as web pages viewed, browser type, browser language, hardware and software features,and network link information (IP address, port, network protocol, etc).

c. Personal data provided when you contact us or use our services.

d. User data that CHITUBOX legally obtains from business partners or third parties.

You can access this Website without submitting any user information to CHITUBOX. To effectively offer services, CHITUBOX protects, uses, and discloses your information by following the provisions in this Statement. For specific purposes, you may need to submit personal information to register an account with this Website or subscribe to a service on this Website. The required information can include information such as your name, gender, and date of birth. Before submitting this information to this Website, you will be informed why your information is required and then must agree that CHITUBOX can collect, protect, and use your information for the specified purpose.


1.2 Non-personal Data


Non-personal data includes but is not limited to:

a. Information that you release and publish when using services provided by this Website (including BBS).

b. Information regarding measures that CHITUBOX takes related to you, including credit assessments and the handling of illegal activity or CHITUBOX regulations.

CHITUBOX may also collect and use non-identifiable data. Non-identifiable data refers to data that cannot be used to identify an individual. For example, the number of visitors to the CHITUBOX website. CHITUBOX collects this data to understand how people use its website, products and services. This allows CHITUBOX to improve its services to better satisfy customer needs. CHITUBOX may, at its own discretion, collect, use, process, transfer, or disclose non-identifiable data for other purposes.

We endeavor to keep your personal and non-identifiable data separate, and use each type of data independently from the other. If personal data is combined with non-identifiable data, it will be treated as personal data.

Without prior consent from CHITUBOX, you shall not provide us with any personal information that may result in CHITUBOX taking responsibilities beyond those specified in this Statement.


1.3 Personal Data Use


We may use your personal data to:

a. Fulfill purchase orders; deliver, activate, or verify products or services; make changes upon request; and offer technical support and services.

b. Send you important notices.

c. Carry out internal audits, data analyses, and research to improve our products and services.

d. Analyze the efficiency of our business operations and measure our market share.

e. Improve our loss prevention and anti-fraud programs.

f. Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards as well as our policies.

g. Contact you; send you information about products and services that may be relevant to you; invite you to participate in CHITUBOX promotions and market surveys; or send you marketing information. If you do not want to receive such information, you can opt out at any time.

h. Provide services in circumstances not mentioned above.


2. How CHITUBOX Discloses Your Personal Data


CHITUBOX promises not to sell your personal data without your prior consent. CHITUBOX uses personal data to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with this Statement. We may provide your information to legal and administrative authorities as required by corresponding laws and regulations. We must disclose your personal data if required by legal proceedings, such as litigation, arbitration, or a dispute settlement. CHITUBOX may also disclose your information, if necessary and within an extremely limited scope, in the interests of CHITUBOX, customers, or the public. Before submitting your information to CHITUBOX, you must understand and accept the following information disclosure clauses:

a. CHITUBOX will provide your information to third parties and legal and administrative authorities as required by corresponding laws and regulations.

b. If you violate applicable laws or regulations or CHITUBOX service agreements and rules, CHITUBOX will inform third parties.

c. To provide effective products and services to you, CHITUBOX will disclose necessary information to third parties.

d. CHITUBOX may disclose your data if a reasonable need can be demonstrated according to laws, regulations, and this Statement. For example, to prevent illegal activities.

e. CHITUBOX will not provide, sell, or rent your information to any irrelevant third party unless otherwise permitted by you, specified in this Statement, or in cases where the third party provides services to you as a service provider, distributor, or authorized center.

f. CHITUBOX may provide you with relevant information by using your information for service purposes. For example, CHITUBOX may send you product and service information based on your information.

g. In some jurisdictions, your personal data can be disclosed to transaction parties if CHITUBOX is involved in a reorganization, merger, or insolvency or liquidation proceedings.

h. Network link information may be used for network attack detection.

i. CHITUBOX must disclose your personal data if required by legal proceedings, such as litigation, arbitration or dispute settlement.


3. How CHITUBOX Uses Cookies


a. To provide cookie-based functions and services or ensure that our Website functions properly, CHITUBOX stores, sets and accesses cookies installed in your computer or mobile device based on service requirements. A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device via a web server. Only the server that creates the cookie can retrieve or read the cookie's contents. Each cookie is unique to your web browser or mobile application. Cookies usually contain an identifier, the site name, and some numbers and characters. Cookies allow websites to store data, such as your preferences or the products and services in your shopping basket.

b. Just like many websites or Internet service providers, we use cookies to improve user experience. Cookies allow websites to remember users, either for a single visit (using a session cookie. or for repeated visits (using a persistent cookie). Cookies allow websites to store settings, such as language and font size for your computer or mobile device. This means that user preferences do not need to be re-configured on each visit. If a website does not use cookies, it will treat a user as a new visitor each time they open a page. For example, if you log in to a website and then move to another page, the first website will no longer recognize you, and you will be logged out. CHITUBOX does not use cookies for any purposes other than those specified in this Statement.

c. You can choose to disable cookies by modifying your browser settings. If you do not do so, we consider you to have accepted cookies. If you refuse to accept cookies, you are fully liable for all consequences related to any failures to log in to or use the services or functions on this Website that work based on cookies.


4. How CHITUBOX Protects Your Personal Data


a. CHITUBOX takes personal data security extremely seriously. We will take appropriate physical, managerial, and technical measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss. For example, we use encryption to ensure data confidentiality; we use trusted protection mechanisms to prevent malicious data attacks; we deploy visit control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel can access personal data; and we raise awareness among employees about the importance of protecting personal data through security and privacy protection training sessions. We will only retain your personal data for the period that is necessary to ensure we can fulfill the purposes outlined in this Statement. This period may be extended if required or permitted by law. While we take the utmost care to ensure that your personal data is completely protected, please note that no security measures are completely infallible.

b. Although CHITUBOX protects your information, you are liable for the safekeeping of all your information, including accounts and passwords. You will be liable for any failure to effectively keep such information safe.

c. If you find that your account or password has been used to log in to the Website without your permission, notify CHITUBOX immediately. You have the right to request CHITUBOX to suspend any unauthorized use of your account or password.

d. In case of any data breaches we found on your personal data we collected, stored and processed, we may inform you and/or the competent authority through publishing an announcement on CHITUBOX website, sending you an email or other reasonable means according to the requirements of applicable laws and/or from competent authority.


5. How to Access or Modify Your Personal Data


You should ensure that all personal data submitted is accurate. CHITUBOX will do its utmost maintain the accuracy and completeness of personal data and update this data in a timely manner.

Subject to applicable laws, you have the right to: (1) Access any of your personal information that we hold. (2) Request that we update or correct your information. (3) Request that we remove your information. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us by email. For security purposes, you may be asked to provide your request in writing. If we have legitimate grounds to believe that these requests are deceptive, impractical, or infringe other users' personal privacy or legitimate rights, we will decline to process the request.


6. How CHITUBOX Handles the Personal Data of Children


Our products, websites, and services are targeted at adults. Children cannot create their own user account without the consent of a parent or guardian. If a child's personal data is collected with parental consent, we will only use or disclose this data if the law permits it, if explicit permission is given by a parent or guardian, or if it is necessary for the protection of the child.

If CHITUBOX learns that it has collected a child's personal data without obtaining verifiable parental consent, it will delete the data as quickly as possible.


7. Third-Party Providers and Their Services


To ensure a better user experience, you may be provided with content, web links, services, or products from external third parties ("third-party content"). CHITUBOX does not have control over such third-party content, and you can choose whether to access it.

CHITUBOX has no control over the privacy and data protection policies of third parties, which are not governed by this Statement. Before submitting your personal information to third parties or through third-party content, please refer to the respective privacy protection policies of these third parties.


8. How Your Personal Data is Internationally Stored and Transferred


CHITUBOX saves information collected about you in countries/regions where CHITUBOX, its affiliates, or third parties as service providers or subcontractors located. CHITUBOX now have data counters in Mainland of China for self-operated cloud services. Such information may also be accessed, stored, and exhibited outside your country/region or location from which CHITUBOX collects your information. In such cases, CHITUBOX will ensure that your data is protected to a standard required by local laws and regulations, as well as this Statement.


9. How This Statement Is Updated


We reserve the right to update or modify this Statement as required. Any changes we make to this Statement will be posted on this page. You are advised to review this Statement periodically to check for any changes. Changes to this Statement are effective from the moment they are posted on this page. If we make any substantial changes to this Statement, we will notify you using the contact details you have provided.


10. How to Contact CHITUBOX


If you have any issues with this Statement, please contact CHITUBOX in one of the following ways:


Tel: (+86) 075523103569


Last Updated: Aug 2018