CHITUBOX Basic Beta Versions
  • Version 1.8.0
    — January 4,2021 Update Details >>
    • Added machines:
      AnyCubic Photon X
      AnyCubic Photon Mono
      AnyCubic Photon Mono SE
      AnyCubic Photon Mono X
      AnyCubic Photon Zero
      Peopoly Phenom XXL
      QIDI i-box mono
      Voxelab Ceres 8.9
      WanHao CGR MINI MONO
      WanHao CGR MONO
    • New features:
      Added the functions of island detection and removal.
      Added the function of tolerance compensation.
      Added the function of previewing specific sliced layer.
      Added the function of previewing supports when manually adding them.
      Added the function of selecting or deselecting multiple files in the File List with Ctrl + left mouse button.
      Added the function of selecting multiple files in the File List with Shift + left mouse button.
      Added the function of selecting or deselecting models with Ctrl + left mouse button.
      Added tooltips for some tools.
      Added the function of keeping the original model when it is mirrored.
      Added the function of dragging the platform with the left mouse button when editing supports.
      Added the option of resizing platform grid size in the Setting window.
      Added the switches in the Setting window that can turn on/off support preview, display support auxiliary lines, and tooltips.
    • Optimization:
      Optimized the slicing and saving speed.
      Replaced the Display Support Auxiliary Line button with the Hidden Support button.
      Increased the maximal distance between the top contact point of a support between its bottom contact point.
      Optimized the three-view cube.
      Optimized the support editing process: after switching to the Support settings, only the selected models are visible and editable.
      Changed the target object of moving, rotating, scaling, mirroring, cloning, hollowing and repairing from the current model to the selected model.
      Changed the display color of the selected support in Edit Support mode from red to green.
      Optimized the process of saving the sliced files: when saving is complete, the program stays at the preview screen instead of going back to the editing screen.
    • Bug fixes:
      Fixed the bug of software crash when deleting supports.
      Fixed the bug that the scale percentage numbers cannot be kept when they are changed.
      Fixed the bug that when adding supports after reducing the raft size, the supports on the edges may float in the air.
      Fixed the bug that the numbers displayed in the sliced file preview screen are incorrect sometimes.
      Fixed the bug that when on multiple displays, only the models on the primary display are editable.
      Fixed the bug that when editing multiple models, only edit the supports of the first model are editable.
    • Others
  • Version
    — April 28,2020 Update Details >>
    • Fixed the bug that Windows 7 64-bit system thumbnail program may cause Explorer to crash
    • Change the default support density from 70% to 50%
  • Version
    — April 27,2020
    • Fix the compatibility problem of win10 system
    • Fixed the problem that the model shows shadows
    • Support fdg format
    • Fix the grayscale difference caused by different resolution screens.
    • Fixed the bug that some models can only preview part
    • Fixed the bug that the decimal point cannot be input for the exposure time in the printing parameters
    • Added interface for slicing options
    • Other
  • Version
    • Add thumbnail preview for stl / obj / chitubox / cbddlp / ctb / slc in Windows system ...
    • Optimize automatic support algorithm
    • Optimized the movement of the small pillar
    • Add the function of batch editing support:(Ctrl + left mouse) multiple supports can be selected
    • Fixed mirror selection of Phrozen Sonic Mini machine
    • Optimized the speed of slice file 3D preview
    • Optimized the details of hollowing and punching
    • Fixed the problem of volume calculation after the model exceeds the platform
    • Optimized the definition of support density
    • Other
  • Version
    • Added in the machine list
      Peopoly Phenom
      Peopoly Phenom L
      Peopoly Phenom Noir
      QIDI Shadow6.0 Pro
      EPAX X1
      EPAX X10 2Kcolor
      EPAX X133 4mono
      EPAX X156 4Kcolor
    • Added support for Czech
    • Fixed some Italian translations
    • Fixed the bug of crashing the import program of huge files
    • Optimized memory usage
    • Optimized the slice speed and save speed
    • Other