CHITUBOX Basic V2.1: Stepping into a New Era of Smart Digital 3D Printing

Today, we're thrilled to introduce the release of CHITUBOX Basic V2.1, accompanied by a groundbreaking addition: ChituManager, a one-stop printer management tool tailored to complement CHITUBOX slicers. It brings smart 3D printing to users worldwide, by enabling remote monitoring of printing status, remote file transfers, remote video surveillance, remote printer access, and other functionalities within the Local Area Network(LAN). 

ChituManager: A Step to Smart 3D Printing

Key Features:

 Printer Management within LAN:  

All data will be stored and managed within LAN, securing the data security.

File Network Transfer:

ChituManager simplifies file management by allowing one-click transfer of sliced files to any printer within the LAN.

Integration of Software & Hardware

Access instant printer status and print records effortlessly, empowering users with comprehensive insights into every print.

Managing 3D printing has never been easier.

Instant Printer Monitoring:

ChituManager provides clear insights into the printer's status,

allowing users to stay updated on every ongoing print.

Protocol Open Sourcing: Co-Creating the Future and Sharing Achievements

ChituManager streamlines print management through the pioneering Smart Device Control Protocol (SDCP) 3.0. We're excited to announce our decision to open-source the SDCP 3.0 protocol on June 10th, coinciding with our anniversary celebration. We invite global developers and enthusiasts to join us in advancing 3D printing technology development and sharing collective innovative achievements. Stay tuned for our forthcoming open-source announcement for further details.

Pioneering 3D Printer: ELEGOO Saturn 4 Ultra

As the first resin 3D printer to integrate ChituManager and implement the SDCP protocol, the ELEGOO Saturn 4 Ultra establishes a new industry benchmark with exceptional performance. It showcases unparalleled intelligence and efficiency in print management, parameter adjustment, and model slicing. With intuitive operations, it simplifies complex printing tasks, significantly enhancing printing efficiency. We are collaborating with other 3D printer manufacturers to expand its compatibility to a broader range of printers soon. 

Exploring Endless Potential for the Future

Let's join hands and embrace the transformative changes introduced by CHITUBOX Basic V2.1, collectively contributing to a remarkable chapter in the evolution of 3D printing!