CHITUBOX Basic V2.0: The Next Frontier in Slicer Evolution


As a prominent player in 3D printing slicers, we have recently released the CHITUBOX Basic V2.0, a notable upgrade to our software suite with over 1.7 million users worldwide. 

Aiming to streamline the slicing process and improve user experience, this latest version introduces several major enhancements.


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Key New Features of CHITUBOX Basic 2.0

Refined Interface for Seamless User Interaction:

CHITUBOX Basic V2.0 features a redesigned interface, offering a more modern and intuitive user experience. The updated layout and navigation contribute to increased productivity and ease of use for users. Besides, by adding more rendering engines like Microsft Direct X & Apple M Series, CHITUBOX Basic V2.0 improves the model texture and retains more details of the 3D models.


More Powerful with Improved Algorithms and New Features

In this iteration, CHITUBOX introduces a more intelligent auto-support algorithm, based on the distance between supports.  CHITUBOX says the update significantly improves auto-support generation and slicing speed, achieved through code refactoring. Moreover, now users can visually edit support parameters, a feature previously limited to the paid version, CHITUBOX Pro.


Similarly, CHITUBOX Basic 2.0 also introduces risk detection features such as Collision Detection, Suspend Detection, Island Detection, and Cavity Detection, which were exclusive to CHITUBOX Pro. 

Though many features were long available in the paid version, this is the first time CHITUBOX devolves so many advanced features to the free version. It's a good news for the users. Through this update, we can expect more advanced features in the new CHITUBOX Pro V2.0 in the future.


Streamlined Work Flow with New Tools:

The new CHITUBOX Basic V2.0 streamlines the complex steps of selecting models and matching resins.

This has been made possible by integrating the Standard Parts and the Resin Material Alliance(RMA). Users can directly access basic models within the software and quickly match printers with printing profiles. This empowerment, coupled with a redesigned interface and advanced functionalities, ensures users of all skill levels can achieve their printing goals with ease and efficiency.


Boost Productivity through Personalized Setting:

Recognizing diverse user needs, CHITUBOX Basic V2.0 provides comprehensive shortcuts and allows users to customize the shortcut keys.

The new version also introduces a new file-naming function, boosting work efficiency by satisfying personal habits. You can name the sliced files with more configurable options to make searching for files easier, enhancing work efficiency.


In conclusion, CHITUBOX Basic V2.0 is a significant update, benefiting users and positively impacting the industry. Leveraging its outstanding technology and innovative solutions, we have established ourselves as a leading brand in the field of 3D printing slicers. With the largest user base and top market share, this update will further solidify our leadership in our industry niche.           


Here are some highlights of the new features: