「7th Anniversay Celebration」Limited-time 30% off+ Have a chance to win a 3D printer+more Lucky draw
Limited-time 30% off+ Have a chance to win a 3D printer+more Lucky draw, Auto-renewal fpr Yearly subscription: up to 50% for next year
Beta Testing Invitation : New CHITUBOX Basic 2.0
The beta testing of the brand new CHITUBOX Basic 2.0 is underway. Check what's new and see how to try the new version ahead of others
Join Our #LoveInPrint2024 Campaign and Win Gifts with Over $600
We're thrilled to announce a special partnership with Kexcelled for the #LoveInPrints2024 Valentine's Day campaign, welcoming all 3D printing enthusiasts, whether you're into resin or FDM printing! We have got thrilling prizes for you!
Valentine's #LoveInPrints2024 Campaign Winner Announcement
We're thrilled to wrap up the exhilarating #LoveInPrints2024 Valentine's Day 3D Printing Celebration, in partnership with Kexcelled.
CHITUBOX Formnext 2023 - Join us if you are there!
A must-attend event for all 3D printing professionals and fans
Spoiler Alert: CHITUBOX Resin Material Alliance to Come as a Game Changer
19 resin brands, over 120 types pf resin compatible with more than 120 3D printers, over 1200 sets of printing profiles available
RMA: A Transformative Force in the Resin 3D Printing Industry
Accurate printing profiles can make 3D printing more easier. We established the Resin Material Alliance to help transform our industry.
Our Leadership in Sustainability
In March 2023, we embarked on an extraordinary journey towards sustainability. Together with OneTreePlanted,we took a meaningful step in making an indelible impact on the environment.
CHITUBOX Basic vs Pro: Which One Should You Use?
What’re the main differences between CHITUBOX Basic or CHITUBOX Pro? And how CHITUBOX Pro can significantly help your projects and business thrive.
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