Resin Test Standards

Guide to Using CHITUBOX Test Model

The correct printing profiles are escential to the print successes. We provide new test models and methods to help you asscertain the printing profiles for different resins, moving the print effects up to a notch.

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Excellent details reservation and mechanical property

Developed for low shrinkage, high resilience and better surface details, they are the perfect materials for miniatures that need to be colored and showcased for an extended period.


Professional Digital Dental Materials

You can boost digital production with dental implant guides, orthodontics models and restorative dental models.


Pervasive Applications in Engineering

Engineering resins play an integral role in a product's rapid upgrade and renewal.

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Normally, yes.

Here are our steps for creating the printing profiles:

  1. CBD-Tech provides a comprehensive guide, including test models, for the resin brands. With strict and uniform standards, they can produce standard printing profiles.
  2. CBD-Tech will test the resins from the brands twice before we make the printing profiles accessible to you, ensuring print success.

Therefore, we are confident that the printing profiles are accurate under normal circumstances. You may adjust the profiles in light of your printing needs to minimize the risk of print failure.

On RMA Web Page:
Login to your CHITUBOX account and click Printing Profiles under My Material.
You can adjust the printing profiles you create or in your collections on this page.
In CHITUBOX softwares(Baisc/Pro):
You can save your printing profiles for every print, synchronize them to User Center and manage them conveniently later.

  1. RMA has made comprehensive information about resins from various brands more accessible. You can conveniently select a type of resin that best suits your needs.
  2. RMA makes printing easier by offering standard printing profiles for diverse printers.
  3. Beginners can directly apply the printing profiles from RMA, which frees them from testing and adjusting the profiles.

We have made CHITUBOX softwares one-stop slicers integrated with abundant printing profiles.

With over 1.6 million users, CHITUBOX can be a reliable bridge between users and resin brands. Users can reach your products on the RMA webpage, making it an ideal outlet for resin products. We have established several online platforms where you can receive customer feedback and communicate with them directly.

It is a significant move to improve your products and reputation.


CHITUBOX softwares support multiple technologies like LCD, SLA and DLP. You can join the RMA and create your printing profiles with uniform standards.

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