RMA: A Transformative Force in the Resin 3D Printing Industry

In recent years, we have witnessed 3D printing's rapid expansion and the surging need for 3D printing in diverse fields, such as the space industry, jewellery, miniatures and others. Resin-based(SLA/DLP/LCD) 3D printing has been one of the most widely-used technologies. Despite the prosperity in LCD and DLP fields, we notice that the problems resulting from resins and their industrial standards plague our industry, posing an imminent challenge to the users and relevant businesses.


The key to solving the resin problems is to improve how users manage and test the printing profiles, especially for new resins, and how the resin brands optimize after-sale services.

>We need to innovate the ways the users manage their printing profiles. Printing profiles should not be the bane of resin 3D printing.

>We need to provide verified and standard printing profiles to the users. They should spend more time on incredible creations instead of constant tests for resins.

>Resin brands need to provide comprehensive guides for the users and promptly pay more heed to customer feedback, if possible, instantly.


To resolve the resin problems, the CHITUBOX team broke tradition and spearheaded an initiative to establish a comprehensive platform with the entire industry, including resin and printer brands worldwide. After two years of preparation and hard work, we have found the Resin Material Alliance(RMA) with our partners. It features access to the resin information and standard printing profiles from the resin and printer brands, profile online management and instant profile application. With the RMA, we aim to make users' management of printing profiles more convenient and help resin brands handle customer feedback more promptly

Scenario A: Users lack understanding of the resin properties, and their access to updated printing profiles is compromised due to the lack of information sources. In this case, they will have to print multiple times to obtain the suitable profile setting and face unnecessary print failures, which cause negative experiences and inflict unwanted time and money costs.

We have made the information on the RMA webpage accessible by offering you abundant search options. You can search by material type or search keywords to access helpful information such as resin properties, compatible printers, printing profiles, application fields, etc. You can apply the printing profiles available on the webpage in one click, or customize your own ones according to the standard profiles, minimizing the risks of print failures.

Scenario B: Users have to spend much time printing profiles when managing and sharing them traditionally, like through USB sticks. Users need an efficient and convenient solution.

RMA platforms enable users to customize and share printing profiles online. You can share your printing profiles in the My Material section by granting access to your friends via codes. Moreover, we have introduced cloud storage to upgrade your experience with the RMA. Labeling your printing profiles for the cloud allows you to apply them anytime and anywhere conveniently. 

Scenario C: Currently, resin brands are strained to respond to customers' feedback and update printing profiles more promptly. A large support team will enhance their after-sales service while adding more burden on their finance. It's a dilemma for resin brands and hinders their business development.

On the one hand, contact and product information on the RMA webpage can satisfy most users' needs. Whenever problems related to printing profiles, products and resin compatibility occur, users can troubleshoot with the help of available information and printing profiles without consulting the expert staff of resin brands.

On the other hand, users can give feedback and suggestions to the resin brands directly in RMA Discord and Facebook channels. The RMA streamlines communication between both sides, reducing customer complaints.

RMA serves as a tool to optimize users' printing experience and as a reliable bridge between the users and the resin brands, streamlining the communication process for both sides. RMA seeks to offer a full-process solution to the resin 3D printing industry, bolstering our industry's orderly and healthy development. Over the last two years, we have invited numerous resin and printer brands to join us. We currently have many members in the RMA to help revolutionize our industry. The RMA will debut in tandem with our highly anticipated CHITUBOX 2.0 series. Stay tuned for the latest news!


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