Frequent Questions
Yes, we are currently working on translations and will continue to offer more language choices in subsequent releases.
Currently, CHITUBOX already supports Windows/MAC/Linux systems.
Yes, in addition to the CHITU control board special format——cbddlp, CHITUBOX also supports formats such as ZIP/slc.
Yes, we'll open the API interface in later version , so that you can develop extensions and plug-ins.
Yes, the free version will be updated all the time. We hope that more people can use better free software, which will also help us improve the software.
The professional version will be more feature-rich, the industry features will be more detailed and professional, the interface layout will be more concise and convenient, and the supporting algorithm will be more intelligent. More information about the professional version will be announced when the software is officially released.
CHITUBOX collects the following information: DEVICE_ID DEVICE_TYPE SOFTWARE_ID SOFTWARE_VERSION_ID COUNTRY_NAME Your data is only collected to improve the software and is used in accordance with the CHITUBOX Privacy Policy. If you want to anonymize your data, click the Main Menu on the software, then go to Help > Collecting Data, and select Enable anonymized usage statistics.