How to Hollow out A Part?



Step 1. Launch CHITUBOX software and import your part.



Step 2. Click “Hollow” button to hollow out a part.    



Step 3. Set your wall thickness. Wall thickness is the distance between the outer surface of your model and the opposite inner surface. You need to know how thick the wall of your objects is supposed to be and guarantee that your model is thick enough before printing. Wall thickness is very important when 3D printing as thin walls or zero thickness walls will cause the print to fail because of its fragility.  


Left: 5mm wall thickness    Right: 2mm wall thickness


Step 4. Set your precision. Precision refers to the smoothness of the wall surface. The higher the precision, the smoother the wall surface.  


Step 5. Choose inner or outer hollow process. When tick “Inner” TAB, the inner part will be hollowed. Otherwise, the outer.




Multiple hollow operations will be retained at the same time to achieve the simultaneous existence of multiple walls inside one part.