Supplementary Update! CHITUBOX Free with Strong Supporting Functions



After CHITUBOX Free version 1.6.5 was released, the CHITUBOX team continued to collect feedbacks from market and user and updated CHITUBOX Free version Here let’s learn more about the powerful new features, especially about the support editing.


Added the function of hiding support bottom and raft


In version 1.6.5, it has been supported to hide support from the angle of elevation (the default support hidden angle is 45° and you can adjust the support hidden angle in menu-setting), and only the support top will be shown, making it easy for users to view the contact point between the support and the part surface.


Hiding support bottom


Hiding raft


In order to make it easy for users to edit the support without hiding it and the view angle would not be blocked, added the function of hiding the support bottom and the raft. Users could freely edit the support under the overlooking condition.


Added cross width parameter


In version, the cross width parameter has been added. When manually adding supports, if there were supports existed in a certain range around, the new one would be bifurcatd on the existed ones instead of directly landing on the bulid platform.



For example, when the cross width was set to 4mm, as shown below, we manually added 3 supports respectively. From left to right, the distance was less than 4mm and more than 4mm, respectively.



If a support was added between the two ones less than 4mm, the new one would bifurcate on the existing two supports. However, if the distance was more than 4mm, the new one could not bifurcate on the existings. As a result, it directly landed on the build platform.



When the cross width was modified to 10mm, then a support was still added between the two supports more than 4mm. Since the distance was less than 10mm, the new support also bifurcated on the existing two ones, instead of directly landing on the build platform.


Automatically placed in perspective center


In version, click Menu-Settings and check "In the support mode, the selected model is automatically placed in the center of Perspective"  and then select a model. When switching to support editing mode, the selected one will be automatically placed in the center of perspective.



Added the ability to modify translations


In consideration of users' personal habits for translation and the accuracy of translation for some languages, version opened the "Fix Translation" function, allowing users to customize the translation and export and import the translation documents.