10 New Functions!!! CHITUBOX Free 1.6.5 is Coming



After two months of Beta testing and a series of feedback from users and industry customers, the CHITUBOX team continued to optimize and recently released the new CHITUBOX Free 1.6.5 version, bringing a more stable and smooth user experience.


5 new 3D printers have been added to the machine list, including ELEGOO MARS C, ELEGOO MARS 2 PRO, Voxelab Polaris, Phrozen Shuffle XL Lite and Creality LD002H. More SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printers will be supported then.

Add model repair function


The surfaces of 3D models can be positive or negative. On the front of each mesh triangular face of the part, there is a vertical line, called the normal of the face. If you change the direction of the normal, you flip the surface. Many designers frequently invert normals to see the inside of a part. In addition, some models have their normals reversed and appear dark in the software preview. This is why the "invert normal" feature in CHITUBOX Free 1.6.5 comes in.



For some parts, if there are problems such as broken surface and partial normals are reversed, click the "Auto repair" function in version 1.6.5 to repair the part with one click.



Optimized the support algorithm and structure


For interconnected support, the previous single "八" structure has been optimized to a more stable "X" structure, requiring less supports and being more scientific. Beta version


1.6.5 version


At the same time, as shown above, you can easily detect that 50% support density under the same "Medium" automatic support in 1.6.5 is more sparse. In addition, the support structure algorithm has been optimized, and only an appropriate amount of support will be added in places where no support is needed, or where very few supports are needed.


1.6.5 also optimized the default parameters for the contact points of support bottom, changing the default of three contact points to one. In addition, the structure of the contact point between the support bottom and the part has been optimized. The support bottom is changed to be perpendicular to the contact surface rather than inserted straight, which will be more convenient for removing. Beta version


1.6.5 version


What’s more, it allows users to drag the support that be located on the surface of the part to the raft/bottom. So the support does not contact with the model surface which will not damage the surface quality.



Not only that, the function of support auxiliary line has been added. After it is turned on, CHITUBOX will add short lines at the recommended position.



Added the function of adding support for selected areas


In version 1.6.5, press Ctrl+ left mouse button to drag the selection area, and then click "+platform/all" to add support only for the selected areas.



Added grayscale level and image blur function


On the basis of anti-aliasing, grayscale level and image blur functions have been added in version 1.6.5, which are used in combination with anti-aliasing function to optimize the pixels at the edges of the part, which are originally pure black and pure white into pixels with different grayscale levels, so as to make the surface smoother and pixel lines less obvious. As for the grayscale level and image blurring function, we will explain separately.


No antia-liasing


Level 8 anti-aliasing + level 2 grayscale


Level 8 anti-aliasing + level 2 grayscale + level 4 image blur

Added the transition layer function for ELEGOO SATURN and Default

The function of transition layer (layers between the bottom layers and the normal layers) has been added for ELEGOO SATURN and Default, and the number of transition layers can be customized. At present, the transition type is only linear, and the exposure time of those layers will show a gradual decrease rather than a abrupt drop. The purpose of setting transition layer is to increase the adhesion between layers.


ChiTu Systems will continue to upgrade its firmware and more printers will support transition layer function. For other systems, please wait for vendor updates.



Optimized the hollow function


In the previous versions, after the first hollowing (e.g., wall thickness is 5mm), the second hollow operation (e.g., wall thickness is 2mm) will cover the previous one, and the finished hollow part only presents a wall thickness of 2mm. Beta version


1.6.5 version


In version 1.6.5, multiple hollow operations will be retained at the same time to achieve the simultaneous existence of multiple walls inside one part.


Optimized the "dig hole" function


Version 1.6.5 added continuous hole digging function which can be continuously digging holes at one time.



In addition, version 1.6.5 added two angles to dig hole: perpendicular to the model and perpendicular to the screen. As the name implies, being perpendicular to the model means that the digging operation is done perpendicular to the surface of the part, while being perpendicular to the screen is done perpendicular to the screen.


Perpendicular to the model


Perpendicular to the screen


Added combination center function


In previous versions, even when the “select all” TAB was checked, multiple models rotated together in the same direction and could not be rotated as a whole. Beta version


1.6.5 version added combination center function and multiple models can be rotated as a whole.


1.6.5 version


Added the function of hiding support from the angle of elevation


Version 1.6.5 added the function of hiding support from the angle of elevation (the default support hidden angle is 45° and you can adjust the support hidden angle in menu-setting), and only the support top will be shown, making it easy for users to view the contact point between the support and the part surface.



Allow users to customize the preview view for sliced files


In version 1.6.5, you can customize the preview view for sliced files, including: placement view (the position placed in the software), home view, and front view.



The placement position in the software is shown above. Select the placement view, home view, and front view respectively, and the preview thumnails will be displayed from top to bottom as shown below.



Add the list of shortcuts


In previous versions, we have added more or less shortcut functions during every update. This time in addition to adding "CTRL + S" shortcut key to save the current project file, all shortcut operations are integrated in the list under menu - help – shortcut.



In addition to the above features, CHITUBOX Free 1.6.5 added translations for Egyptian, Finnish, Hungarian, Dutch and Polish and also fixed a number of bugs, which can be seen under menu – help – check for update.


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