Major Update!!! CHITUBOX Free 1.6.1 is Released



On November 27, 2019, CHITUBOX team released the new CHITUBOX Free 1.6.1. First, let's have an intuitive feel about the powerful function of 1.6.1 which has optimized the automatic algorithm of support structures and the definition of support density.


1.6.1 VS 1.5.0 Auto “Light” Support Settings


Next, look at these detail updates with new and fixed functions!


On the basis of the existing supported file format, a powerful and efficient new slicing format –ctb with more obvious anti-aliasing effects. In addition, new phz, svgx, lgs (by plugin) are also added.


3D Models: stl, obj
Slicing format: cbddlp, photon, photons, zip, slc, wow, fhd, cws(by plugin), ctb, phz, svgx, lgs(by plugin)
Project: chitubox
Profile: cfg


In addition to the new file formats, 10 new 3D printers are supported in the machine list.

What’s more exciting is that we get the first-hand verified resin parameters from the manufacturers. There will be no longer a headache to test slicing parameters.


In the file editing interface, the new version 1.6.1 is updated as follows:


  1. Added a pop-up window when the imported model is too small


In the previous versions, pop-ups were prompted only if the model was too large (beyond the range of the molding platform). In the new version, a pop-up window will also be prompted when the imported model is too small (XYZ are all less than 5mm) so as to better adjust the print size of the model.



  1. Added color indicating where the model touches the build plate


There will be green color indicating appearing where the model touches the build plate. When the model is not in contact with the build plate which means it is lifted for a certain distance, the color will not be displayed.



But in version 1.5.0, even when the model is in contact with the build plate, there will be no green color indicating.



This can be verified by clicking “Put on the plate” button to check where the bottom of the print touches the build plate. Of course it's a little more complicated.



  1. Added XYZ coordinate indication map


When rotating the build plate in the new version, the coordinate axis will move with it which makes the operation clearer.



  1. Bold the rotating and dragging sliders


Because the previous rotating and dragging sliders are relatively thin, it’s easy to make the angle of rotation too large during the operation. And the operation of the rotating and dragging sliders after bolded is more convenient.



In the supporting editing interface, the new 1.6.1 optimization is even more powerful:


  1. Added the real-time display function of editing support


When clicking the "Edit support" button, select the support structure that needs to be adjusted. Then click the corresponding parameter input box, the real-time changes of parameter value and support structure can be easily realized by scrolling the mouse wheel (or manually input the value).



  1. Optimized the top support structure


As can be seen from the figure below, the 1.5.0 version generates full supports with top, middle and bottom, while the 1.6.1 version does more merging work on the top of some supports, sharing the middle and bottom of other support structures directly. So the support structures are simpler and also less costly.


Version 1.6.1


Version 1.5.0


The merging work on the top is shown as below:



  1. Optimized the support structures when the lifting distance is insufficient


In version 1.6.1, if the lifting distance of the model is less than 5mm, the the top of bottom support will be perpendicular to the contact surface of the model so as to increase the longitudinal tension. At the same time, the lug boss will be cancelled to prevent the bottom from sticking to the model.


Version 1.6.1


Version 1.5.0


  1. Optimized supports for narrow space areas


Sometimes, support structures need to be added in the narrow space areas. As shown below, if supports are added to the tooth areas, only the top and bottom support are added in version 1.5.0 as the space is too narrow which looks like a vertebral body. Even sometimes, supports cannot even be added in 1.5.0.


Version 1.5.0


1.6.1 optimized the addition of support in the narrow space areas. The "small pillar" parameters in the tab control of the “middle” support allow users to adjust the contact shape, diameter, upper/lower contact depth.


Version 1.6.1


In addition, in the slicing setting, the restriction of reciprocally import slicing parameters between different printers is removed.


Version 1.6.1


Version 1.5.0


In order to visually show the bottom-up printing perspective, 1.6.1 can drag the slicing progress bar to preview the layers from bottom to up.


Version 1.6.1

Version 1.5.0


Furthermore, this updated includes optimizing the compatibility of drag bar fonts, fixing bugs where the slice layer was broken, where manual support could not be added in some cases, where the model displayed abnormally when zooming in on the window and where the progress bar close button was occluded in the case of a small window.

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