CHITUBOX Pro 30% OFF+ Have a chance to win 3D printer+Limited to 60 days given away daily




Enjoy a 30% discount on CHITUBOX Pro as a token of gratitude, and engage with us for a chance to win a 3D printer.

First 20 each day get 60-day membership.

Furthermore, purchases qualify for an additional chance to  join the lucky draw.

CHITUBOX Pro membership, SUNLU resin, SUNLU filament, CHITU custom bluetooth earphones and more.


Since 2018, CHITUBOX has marked its seventh anniversary

The journey has been challenging, as we've started from scratch and continually overcome obstacles, transitioning from V1.0 to the new V2.0 era.

We've been fortunate along this journey, with your steadfast companionship, unwavering support, and shared progress every step of the way.

At this historic moment, we want to extend our sincere gratitude to you.



*Special Bonus One*


Before June 30, purchasing CHITUBOX Pro gives you a chance to receive one of the following gifts

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono M7 Pro


ELEGOO Saturn 4 Ultra, Saturn 4, Mars 4 Ultra, or Mercury Plus V2.0

ELEGOO 8K resin or standard resin

JAMGHE material package or Chitusystems resin


* Special Bonus Two *


CHITUBOX Pro: 30% off + 50% off next year with auto-renewal




* Special Bonus Three *



For yearly CHITUBOX Pro subscription purchases, an additional complimentary lottery entry is included.

(Please screenshot your prize and email it to

More gifts await you!


Lottery results announced


Grateful for seven years of companionship, heartfelt appreciation.

Stay updated with our official social media for a chance to receive exclusive anniversary gifts.

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May we continue our journey together for the next seven years!



Event Rules:

①All users who purchase  yearly CHITUBOX Pro subscription are eligible for the printer draw and the post-purchase draw, entitling them to two chances to win.

②During the event, you can turn on auto renewal for yearly CHITUBOX Pro subscription and enjoy a 50% discount on renewal fees for the next year.

③Only yearly CHITUBOX Pro subscription is applicable for this special event.


Friendly reminder: The aforementioned printer prizes will be drawn within 15 business days after the conclusion of this event. Winners will be notified via email, and the exact shipment date will be arranged in consultation with the winners.